Learn from beauty blogs

5333859367_7ac79c56b1_bBeauty blogs are a great way to learn about different make up products and brands as well as a great way to learn how to use products. A beauty blog is typically a website that one or more individuals use to express their experience and opinions about all things beauty including fashion, makeup, hair and nails. A beauty blogger will typically try out different brands, items and techniques and give readers an honest first hand experience with using or wearing the product. Beauty blogs are a great way to educate yourself and to find out about new and different products. Below is a list of 3 of the top beauty blogs/bloggers in the world.

1. A Model Recommends: this blog was created by writer and model Ruth Crilly to help bring fashion and beauty tips and secrets from behind the scenes of big fashion shows and photo shoots to the everyday beauty lover. The blog covers an extensive array of topics from fashion posts to travel posts and even posts about books. The most popular posts always seem to be the skincare and beauty posts in which Ruth reviews products and teaches readers how to use different products to get different results. Her pictures are always beautiful and her posts always go into fine details about items helping you to decide what items are worth buying. She not only gives you tips and tricks that models use she also puts her own spin on things making her one of the top beauty bloggers in the world.

2. Lisa Eldridge: although Lisa is a UK blogger she is known all over the beauty world as one of the top bloggers and make up artists around. Her blog centers around some of the most common beauty questions there are such as what color foundation is right for you? or how to cover dark circles. Lisa offers readers mini tutorials and in depth explanations of how to use products and what products to use. She tries to answer as many beauty questions as possible even the ones that seem like very simple questions. Her photos are amazing and her videos and posts are always fun and informative.

3. Lily Pebbles: also a huge YouTube beauty guru Lily Pebbles has a beauty blog that is filled with amazing pictures and informative reviews on everything from food to fashion to makeup and travel. She posts on a constant basis and shares much of her life on her blog. Her love of creativity and make up shows in her great tutorials and photos. It is a great blog to check out for some inspiration.

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